Initially, Infinity has introduced in mathematics, but as time passed, people started to learn that Infinity can also be a part of other applications or fields like physics, metaphysical, philosophy, and many others.

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Infinity Symbol ∞

Infinity is marked as an immeasurable object with no limits and size. This unit is used to represent an individual who is enormous and limitless.

Many different scientists and philosophers all around the globe have been studying infinity since Greek times and early Indian epochs. Infinity is represented using a mathematical integer similar to eight (8) written sideways.

It was introduced by John Wallis, an English mathematician from the 17th century. The frequently used sign for infinity is ∞, created and used by Wallis in the 17th century.

The Infinity symbol represents something that will never end. Two lines drawn in parallel are assumed never to intersect each other till infinity.

Wallis had also introduced a microscopic value of 1/∞ , but it is so tiny to measure. This symbol describes the concept of continuous, limitless, and never-ending terms.

The infinity symbol is represented majorly in three applications:

  1. The mathematical applications
  2. The physical applications

The metaphysical applications

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Infinity Symbol in Math and History

In mathematics, the infinity symbol was used similarly to the other numbers in the table, but in reality, it is a discrete one.

It only describes the theory of never-ending. In the case of metaphysics, infinity symbols have been described for stability and euphony. The infinity symbol has a vivid concept across the globe based on the imagination of every other person.

For a few, it represents freedom, whereas it is a symbol of life and cares for others. The symbol ∞ is associated with good luck and success when talking about Chinese philosophy.

The concept of Infinity is fascinating in science, as it can be mentioned as crystal clear and vague. Scientists believe that there are infinite odd and even numbers, but on the contrary, out of all the known numbers, only half is odd, and the other half is even ones.

Many scientists are even convinced that the universe is beyond Infinity, whereas some believe it is not. As mentioned earlier, Infinity can be associated with the concept of growing limitless, because of which Infinity can also be linked with motion.

This symbol can be used in mathematics and physics when a person is working with the concept of limit or unlimited. While working on multiple different series, this concept is also linked with endless repetitions.

Many infinite summations and objects are used in mathematics, like telescoping series, geometric series, etc. In history, the work done by AristotleArchimedes, and Zeno of Elea in the field of Infinity and an innumerable number of paradoxes attached to it is considered the most significant ones.

As said by Aristotle

If everything that exists has a place, place too will have a place, and so on ad infinitum

Zeno, a philosopher who had a vision of combining the mathematical Infinity and philosophy once, said that.

Infinity is associated or is connected with duality, unpredictability, and also with motion.

Zeno had brought one of the most compulsive contradictions while combining Infinity with limits. He made people see the concept of Infinity using a wheel with a mouse running on the inner side.

We can easily measure and write the size and dimensions of the wheel, but on the other hand, the mouse running inside of the wheel is dealing with the feeling of never-ending.

And so, the mouse believes the fact that the wheel is infinite. The simplest and easiest method to write an infinity symbol in MS Word is by using the Insert menu, selecting the “symbol” option, and finding an infinity symbol there.

The symbol can also be written using some HTML codes. One can copy the symbol from the top of this page under the heading or from other websites directly into the document.

Modern Use of Infinity Symbol

In the modern era, the infinity symbol is considered a variation of ouroboros (an ancient symbol describing a snake or a dragon eating its tail) in Egyptian iconography.

A snake eating its tail was also considered a symbol of infiniteness in one of the ancient images. The infinity symbol is referred to as Lemniscate several times. Lemniscate, an algebraic-geometric, is also derived from the number 8.

This number is believed to be a symbol of limitlessness, balance, and cosmic order. Number 8 is among fundamental symbols of ancient cultures, specifically in the Far East.

The Infinity symbol is believed to be a fusion of male and female, differences and perfections. It is one of the most potent symbols among couples in love, representing the vow of never-ending love.

It also has some common or rather popular usage for jewelry design, clothing, decoration, wall art, and many more. There are various things available in jewelry, such as an infinity name necklace, an infinity ring, an infinity pendant, or an infinity bracelet.

This symbol’s acceptance or popularity is increasing day by day because of its meaningfulness and simplicity. A German mathematician, Georg Cantor who was the creator of set theories, the fundamentals of mathematics.

His work is considered the basics of understanding the concept of infinity, and he was the first mathematician to acknowledge actual infinity and associate it with mathematics.

The idea of infinity also plays a prime role in other fields of science like religion, philosophy, and many others. This symbol is also a representation of infinite possibilities and complete euphony in the social life of modern people.

Use of Infinity Symbol

Infinite Chess

Infinite chess is played with 36 x 36 boards, i.e., 1296 squares; every player starts with 402 pieces of 209 types. It would require several days to complete this entire game, with each player making over a thousand moves.

Classic chess, on the other hand, is played on a 8 x 8 board. Infinite chess is a variation of the classic game to be played on a chessboard with no limits.

Endless chess is being played for practical playing as well as for theoretical study. Jianying Ji was one of the chess players among many other players and scientists who proposed infinite chess.

As the name suggests, to win this game, the player must play an endless number of moves.

The Infinity Symbol in Annihilation

Annihilation, a film by Alex Garland’s in 2018, was a jaw-opening wonder but at the same time left people in a lot more confusion.

The movie is based on the novel by Jeff VanderMeer, featuring Natalie Portman, who gave her mind-blowing performance in the film.

In this movie, Jeff VanderMeer noticed that Natalie had a figure 8 on her left forearm, representing a snake eating its tail (called Ouroboros).

This tattoo symbolized self-destruction and the cyclical nature of life, also a mark to represent an infinite circle of evolution and changes.


Ouroboros is an ancient symbol showing a serpent, where a snake or dragon eats its own tail.

This symbol is also a representation of an endless cycle of life and self-destruction.

Ouroboros symbol is being used for various cultures in history. Ouroboros is derived from an ancient Greek word that means ‘all-devouring.

In the coming times, the ouroboros symbol is often seen as a tattoo or a jewelry decoration.