About Us

At Degreesymbol.org , we work to solve some very regularly faced challenges by using different symbols while using documents on the PC. People across the globe face issues like not knowing the shortcuts to type symbols. Everyone keeps on guessing.

We work as a team of developers, handling and managing many different projects related to education, online gaming, commercial projects, or even web development. Our motto here is to provide an optimum solution to our users by simplifying the coding difficulties they can use quickly and worrying about the day-to-day challenges.

We have seen people not able to type in the symbols like Degree symbol used in representing angles or geographical locations, infinity symbol an immeasurable object with no limits and size and the greek symbols or greek alphabets on Microsoft’s window or Mac Operating system, even on android and IOS.

Our developers found a permanent solution for using all these symbols on any platforms you are working on. You are familiar with the terms Unicode and Hex codes for all the coders out there, which is what we have used to develop codes to use all such symbols. This website will help its user find all types of Unicode and hex for degree symbols, Greek alphabets, and infinity symbols.

On this website, we have provided in-depth knowledge of all the symbols. We have incorporated the use of the particular symbol in different fields and the history of its origin, and other stories behind them. This website consists of codes to create these symbols on all the available operating systems; a user can copy and paste the code in their documents, which was earlier a problem for them to type by using their keyboard or devices.

We may not be the first website or app to intelligence providers in the space, but we are the fastest growing and the happiest.